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With Every Pack Of Malibu Gum You Get...
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• Resealable bag
• 2 trading cards
• 24 pieces of gum
With Every Pack Of Malibu Gum You Get...
100% All Natural Chewing Gum!
Our gum is made with chicle gum base from Rainforest trees. No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives! Click here to learn about the cool process in making our gum.
Two Collectible Trading Cards!
Our Trading Cards feature surfers & boardriders from around the world. Pros, team surfers, and x-tremely unknown locals who love to surf & ride -- and look good doing it. Our photos are chosen from submissions from regular folks all over the world! Click here to check them out.
Good Vibes !
Since Malibu Gum is all natural, you can chew with ease. We're dedicated to keping the environment happy and beautiful.

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